El Nido by Night

We were very exhausted from the day’s activity ( Third Day in El Nido ). Traveling for an hour to go to one place to another and chilled out a bit at Las Cabanas. We went back to the hostel and rested for a while.

Some of the travelers in the hostel will be leaving El Nido the next day and the friends we met from the Island Hopping , Mc Pol and Remz, will leave early in the morning. So we planned to have a dinner beer by the beach at around 8pm. We chilled in a reggae restobar and talked about travel experiences. It’s nice to listen to stories while drinking.


They can’t stay long because they have an early flight to catch. We went back to the hostel to sleep early because tomorrow we’ll be climbing Taraw Cliff. But since this night is the last hurrah for most of the travelers staying at the hostel, our last night too, we decided to party with them.

The pre-party is getting loose at the 2nd floor of the hostel and going outside the hostel, the street. If you can imagine more than 20 travelers parading at 10pm on the street with a bottle of beer in the quiet night, you’ll know it is something you can’t miss. Tall girls and guys, thin, thick, tanned, super white, black, brown, Asian, Latina, Brits, Aussie, Canadian, Spanish.. a lot..  speaking in different languages but understood the language of alcohol perfectly. LOL! It is united nations in a street party. Booze lives. Hehe.

Others are sitting on the bench across the street under the tree. Most of us are standing on the street and just talking and drinking. We met Hanne from the Netherlands, a backpacker who lived with a Filipino friend’s family for 10 days. The clock ticked at 12mn, Nah.. we’re not gonna have the Cinderella story.. This means we’ll go to the party place called Pukka Bar.

Pukka Bar by day. Photo from mithunonthe.net

The all bamboo Pukka Bar– the party place in El Nido. A band plays reggae music until 12mn, then it turns into a club.

Pukka Bar by night. Photo from http://www.panoramio.com

The reggae music changes to house music, salsa beat.. 80% of the hostel guests went to party that night. It was soo fun. We danced salsa, robotic dance and anything that would pass our mind kind of dance. We talked in a shouting volume, dance to the left, dance to the right.. LOL! We got tired and decide to step out. We began talking about our travel experiences. It’s an amazing feeling hearing these people try to speak our language, try our food and try to embrace our culture. 🙂

At 2am, we decide to walk back to the hostel. We saw this big EL NIDO sign and asked the locals to the picture for us.

That night we gained another friend and we hope to bump at each other on the next travel story.

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