Slowly climb from the tip of your toe

to the spine

Coldly brushed your face with darkness

Close your eyes, forget reality

Not easy


It comes and goes

You accept and let go

A cycle of pain and happiness

the wind always blows


Freezes your skin

But you can feel the cut

Try to run away from the wind

But often times it hugs you

and you get lost of its whispers


When the sun rises

The warmth covers you with hope

A hope of a new beginning

How do we start when we always long for the it?


It comes and goes

You expect and get hurt

Armor yourself

but in the end you keep running back


Wind, the gust makes you cry

But you lie and smile

Makes you chill, brings you joy

For a week or two

then it wanders

Leaving your defying soul waiting in confusion and in cold


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