Scribbles in Cambodia

07/05/2016, 11:30 PM Cambodia Time


Meet Sovaney (Not the correct spelling,sounds like that). He patiently waited for me outside the airport. Flight was delayed for 30minutes and I thought he’ll charge me more for keeping him wait. He is very good in building rapport. We chatted a bit before going to the hostel. I told him I will volunteer in kampong Thom for 3weeks. He then told me that he is a native of Kampong Thom and shared his story about how he loves going home to meet their relatives.. They would dance along to the countryside music and he would sing his heart out. The genuine smile on his face and the way he talked to me made me feel safe traveling alone in Cambodia.



Hi there stunner!


I don’t have much and I can’t afford a tuktuk for a tour. So, I took advantage of the free bike in Hostel Salakamreuk (1.8km away from downtown). And I biked my way to free places I could visit. I was able to feel the sun, sweat, dust and my favorite crazy part of the day “getting lost thrice and ask the people around.”


I have met different kinds of Cambodian today. In the PubStreet, sellers with “I expect you will haggle attitude.” The street vendors across the Angkor Children’s Hospital who will sell goods to you with no price hike. The guy wearing long sleeves, holding a folder containing pictures and a letter with a bold title “Donate our Children” who will give you paper and pen, ask you to fill out the donation form and give them some money. When you say you don’t have money, he will then tell you “$1 is ok. Me teach English in the countryside, need help for children.” When you say I can volunteer there if you want (so you won’t have to donate your children). He will say that it’s too far and I wouldn’t like it.


The woman pushing a cart of French bread like goods, holding her iphone 6. When you ask her for direction, she’d say “app” -pointing to her phone (that made me nod and just go.. Lol!) The man selling teas, coffee and dried goods giving you a deal of a lifetime. Buy 5 get 6! haha!


The old men enrolled in Wat Damnak sitting on the bench under the tree who looked like studying or making an assignment while watching anime on his smart 5-inch display Samsung phone. The lady sweeper who saw me going back to same place too many times but didn’t bother to ask if I was lost (or maybe I looked foolish because I was smiling the whole time).


A lot. You’ll get tired reading. That’s it for now. Hehe!

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