A Short Story of the Gypsy Soul


Letters from the students.

I said good bye to my class last week because I need to exit Cambodia on the day of my bday. They gave me these letters when we ended our discussion about a short story.

From the left: Teacher Serey, Volunteer Teacher Min, Teacher Theresa and Chubby Cheeks me! lol

This is a short story of a first time teacher venturing to other country and somehow got attached to the students she taught, for two weeks. This is a story of Cambodia who taught me to start my day with a smile and end it with a positive vibe.

Surprise surprise! Or kun everyone! πŸ™‚

This is the story of the students who dream to uplift themselves, their families by learning the global language. This is the story of the locals who embraced me with the warmest hugs, asked me to join them in eating “maka”. An enriching story that I will never forget. For you have taught me to appreciate the simplest form kindness. Be amazed of the creatures around me. Appreciate food. Especially food. Lol!

Teacher Serey drove the motorcycle like a pro! She toured me to the mountains and made sure I am okay.


This is a story of gratefulness from a half empty soul who loves to travel and meet people.

Thank you to those whom I met in my Cambodian journey. Thank you for the students who appreciated my effort. I hope to meet you again in the future. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

This was taken by Bon last year somewhere in the woods of Bucari. I didn’t have time to take picture in Ho Chi Minh because I was busy commuting while carrying my big backpack and asking Mr. Google which way I should go…

Sending love and peace from Saigon.

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