Taraw Cliff: The Challenge of the Rocks

October 2015

One of the most memorable experiences in my trip to El Nido is climbing Taraw. The cliff is basically one of the nesting places of the balinsasayaw bird. As what I mentioned in my previous blog, the busyador risk their lives climbing the rocks to get the bird’s sap. But we are not climbing to experience the life threatening job of the busyador. Hehe. To climb Taraw Cliff is to prove the surreal scenic view of the blue waters and the perfectly placed Rock Islands. The rocks surrounding the community has been their fortress when storm comes.

We woke up at 7am, freshen up and ate our breakfast. We were not able to take a shower because the scheduled climb is at 8am. Before the climb, we’ve asked the other travelers if how difficult Taraw Cliff is. They said, 8/10 and it’ll take us an hour to reach the top. We were determined to climb the cliff because we have seen the most beautiful pictures online taken at the peak. Agh! We’re excited and ready to face no matter what the odds are.

The view near the peak.

If you can see how inviting this view, I am sure you won’t think of the danger. When you decide to climb, book to Sea Horse Travel and Tours. They offer the cheapest guide to Taraw. We paid P200/head.

We started to climb at 8:30am, just a good time not to catch sun burn. We walked from the tour company office to the starting point of the hike. The first challenge was to climb a 10 ft rock to enter the trail going to the peak. Look.

Our guide and Salve. We’re ready to go to the other side. Woooh!

This is the gate going to paradise. It was a bit difficult to go to the other side. I was thinking that this might be the most difficult part. After this, it’ll be easy. Wrong! The rocks are loose. You have to check first if it is safe to hold and pull your body up. I wanted to not do it but we already paid. So, GO GO!

I trust the vine to get me through.

It’s when you look down and realize the danger (chills). Funny thing is, when we were climbing, Salve’s phone kept on ringing. While she was hanging, trying to get to the top, she managed to answer the call from her mom! Lol!


We motivated each other so we can reach the peak.


There were times when I just want to stop, sit down and wait for them to come back. But the cliff showed me this..

The cliff is such a tease. *I’m weak

We moved forward, rest when we need to, and reached the peak in an hour. It was worth the CLIMB!

Some of the pictures from the peak.

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