Hong Kong Series: Before You Fly

Before You Fly, Hong Kong 2018

Hong Kong is one of the most traveled countries near the Philippines and it is famous for Disneyland and shopping. I traveled here in 2016 to attend the Social Entrepreneurship Summit together with my friends from Iloilo.

So, last December 2017 as my friends are eager to go somewhere, they invited me to go on a trip with them to HK. We purchased the RT Ticket from Cebu Pacific for P3500. Friends wanted to go to Disneyland etc. while I want to try the offbeat kind of traveling. Going to not so famous places but definitely exciting!

We flew from Iloilo on September 27th and landed in HK Airport at 2am. It’s too early to go downtown and check in time is at 2PM. We decided to stay at the airport. Everything in HK is super expensive for an average Filipino. You got to be smart if you are traveling in a budget. I only planned to spend P7000 for the whole trip including accommodation.

Anyway, here’s the list of what I prepared before flying.

    1. Accommodation – I always use Booking.com (click on the link for exclusive deals!) to check the cheapest but good accommodation. I booked a bed in Apple Inn Mong Kok for P500/night. Room is good for 4 people with private bathroom and aircon. Perfect for budgetarian like me. This hostel does not have a big locker for your bags but they have a small locker where you can put important stuff like gadgets, money etc. Just make sure you bring a padlock with you.
    2. Portable wifi (pocket wifi)- I want to make sure I don’t get lost wandering the streets of HK. So, I purchased a voucher for a pocket wifi at Klook. It’s the cheapest! For 3 days, I only paid P540. When I arrived at the airport, I picked it up at their counter in 2F. It was an easy and fast transaction. You also return the pocket wifi at the same counter.
    3. Backpack – I originally prepared my 50L Habagat Backpack but realized few hours before my flight that it was too big and the airport staff might require me to check it in (which means, I have to spend another 1k for additional baggage). Instead, I picked the things that’s really important and put it in my Adidas small bag, probably about 15L. My three nights along with gadgets in a small backpack. Hehe!
    4. Clothes- I mostly traveled in shorts. I don’t really bring denim stuff, except for the jacket. Denim clothes occupy big space in your backpack and it’s heavy. You don’t want to travel and be harassed by your bag. Lol!
    5. Medicine and First Aid Kit- I always bring this whenever I travel out of the country. Adulting got me bringing salonpas, vicks, white flower and medicines I have proven effective for my body. I don’t want to be sick traveling and get sicker because my body reacted poorly from a foreign medicine.
    6. Spotify Playlist and a book- I know this might not be important to you. But for me, setting up my playlist and a good book sets the mood of walkathon and long airport tambay. So, if you see a traveler somewhere walking and dancing at the same time, it’s probably me! Lol!
    7. Update important apps and download important data – always make sure your google map, maps.me etc are up to date. You also need to download your itinerary, booking info.
    8. Digital copy of documents – I always make sure I have a copy of my IDs, invitation letter.. even the small note that you get from the HK immigration.
    9. Research research! – read blogs and tips on places you want visit. I do this months before I travel because… I love discovering places. And it will also give you knowledge whether it is safe for you to travel. Especially, if you are a solo backpacker on a budget.
    10. Count Down – other people don’t do this because it might jinx their journey. For me, it gives the positivity that I need to prepare myself for a great adventure. I count down on my own. You don’t need to share it to the world. Always makes me kilig when I think of few days from now, I’ll be walking somewhere, ride a bus and see different things.

That’s it for now. Will update this entry when I remember few more things. Watch out for the second blog about commuting from Airport going downtown and silly things I experienced in Hong Kong.

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Let’s explore and immerse to different cultures in the world! Thank you for reading! Chau!

Lucky to have two seats empty! 🙂

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