This great program is for modern women venturing to the digital world. A whole day workshop initiated by Facebook in partnership with Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Technologies, Bayan Academy, DTI and Department of Agriculture to empower the women entrepreneurs in Panay about digital marketing. More than 70 women from different industries gathered in the event which was held in Grand Hotel Iloilo on October 27th.


The first part of the workshop started with the definition of Marketing, Branding and Advertising. The first speaker, Mr. Philip Filipe gave us an overview of how facebook helped a lot entrepreneurs who went digital in building their brands, reaching out to their customers and innovating their products to suit the customers’ need. The second speaker, Ms. Maria Theresa Buted made us understand how the free apps supported by facebook can  set a tone in finding organic likes and increasing engagement.

Mr. Philip Felipe, Director of Bayan Academy

We were also taught on how to set up your facebook business page and why is it necessary for you to put your business on the right category. To test our learnings and creativity, we were grouped by table to create the best content of whatever product we may choose.

Ms. Maria Theresa Buted of Bayan Academy

Everyone was pretty engaged in winning and trying the apps suggested by the speakers. Some, opted to curate a still picture, some mixed the effects of pouring water to the pet bottle using Boomerang. As for our team, we changed, tried few things before we finally decided to go out and do a coffee content. We curated a picture and shot a boomerang video and compared the two, which will have the most compelling content (in hopes that we will win and of course, bragging rights for the group! Yey!).

This was our group. 🙂

We chose the boomerang shot of a hand lifting the cup of coffee from the saucer. What’s nice about it is, it felt home because the color of the table is light brown, the color of the cup is white, saucer is red and we had a greeny plant on the side. For me, the color is good given that we were only allowed to shoot in 15 minutes. We did good.

We are the Top 1 for the best content in facebook/instagram activity and we took home a box of FB pens and 2 boxes of chocolates. I was so happy when they called our group.

I think this kind of event is something that people should attend to. We learned a lot and we met a lot  of people sharing their thoughts about Marketing in the new age. In the end, we were given a certificate of attendance for completing facebook course in digital marketing.


#shemeansbusiness may be coming to your town! Connect with them by checking out their partners’ facebook pages.

Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Technologies

Connected Women Philippines

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