Klook All You Can

A getaway trip? No problem. Klook is yours to explore. Klook guides you on your travel to see the world’s most exciting attractions and experiences. Klook is an application where it’s easy for you to find and book fabulous tourist attractions, sensational shows, and thrilling theme parks. This article will help you explore Klook through 3 how to’s.

How to explore available activities in your desired country

  • Open Klook App in your mobile device
  • If you don’t have a destination in mind, click the EXPLORE button located below the screen. Inside, you can see what are the popular destinations, activities and what is trending now. Klook also has recommendations for you below.
  • Next to Explore button is the destinations. Here, you can find the popular countries recommended by Klook.
  • When you already have a place in mind, click on the country of your choice.
  • In this section, you will now be able to search for activities available. There are lists of things to do such as attractions, shows, tours, sightseeing, activities, experiences, best food, must eats, transport, and Wi-Fi.
  • You can now start exploring the country of your choice

How to book for an activity

You are now interested in one of the activities explored from Klook. It’s time to book!

  • Click on the activity you want to book
  • If you are still having second thoughts, don’t worry, it’s like shopping online where you can add items to the cart! Below the screen, you can see the ADD TO CART button next to BOOK NOW.
  • If you’re ready, click the BOOK NOW  button.
  • You are now in the booking options. Choose your desired visit date. ONLY numbers that are set in bold
  • After choosing the date, next in the booking options, indicate in the package quantity section on how many person will be travelling with you. After entering the number of persons.
  • We are now down to payment. Before proceeding, remember to apply your promo code if applicable.
  • Fill in all information needed to make your payment. You can choose several payment methods you desire namely via credit/debit card, Paypal, and more!
  • The last step is when you receive your vouchers upon successful payment. You will receive your order summary via email. Your voucher is what you need to redeem your Klook activity, services, or product. 

How to check bookings

It is important to check the status of your bookings for last minute changes.

  • Open Klook App
  • Click the BOOKINGS button down below
  • Here, you can check out all you bookings..You can either edit or cancel(if applicable).

There you have it. A quick and easy guide for your journey all over the world with your one click away App, Klook!

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