Panublion: A Pecha Kucha Night Iloilo Debut

Panublion is a hiligaynon word for Heritage. A beautiful word chosen by the core organizers of the 3rd Pecha Kucha Night in Iloilo City on November 25, 2018 at Horn Pub. This event aims to gather people for informal yet fun and educational talk. This is also a fund-raising event for the selected pedia ward patients of Western Visayas Medical Center. A way of extending warm hugs and sharing happiness this season of giving.

There were 6 speakers who shared their Ilonggo Panublion in 20 slides (images) 20 seconds each, the Pecha Kucha way.

Judah Penacerrada

The first speaker, Judah Penacerrada, a neo-soul artist spoke about colors, identity and your -ism. He said that “it is dangerous to have no identity in a world of definitions.” It is crucially the same having a misidentity. He added that when we want to become whomever we aspire to be, we tend to follow what they do, say what they say.. and we lose a part of ourselves in the process.

Hermz Gacho

Hermz Gacho’s curiosity of our local languages left us in awe when he explained to us its origin. He said that our local languages are based on nature. Example, the name Iloilo came from the word “Ylong-Ylong” that’s because the figure of Iloilo River near Hall of Justice crossing to La Paz area looks like a nose. And Bacolod came from the word Buklod which means hill. True enough, Bacolod is hilly.

Our third speaker, psychology teacher Moniq Muyargas shared her insights about Ilonggo Culture and how it paved the way for the Rainbow Revolution in the city. She said that, “Ilonggo love is tranquil and it manifests in the way we speak– malambing. The way we interact. We are gentle, kind and meek… this made Iloilo a home to the LGBT community.  Palangga ta guid ka– a perfect blend of gentle yet passionate. Simple yet creative, meek yet celebrated kind of Ilonggo love.”

One of the eager listeners in the event asked Ms. Muyargas about how do we find love in the City of Love? And she responded in the most beautiful way by saying.. “The Ilonggo kind of love? It’s slow, you have to wait but, it’s sure.” She left the audience in Awwwww moment.

Sons and Daughters

Awesome neo-soul band Sons and Daughters performed two of their orginal songs at the event. What I like about them is that you can really feel the genuineness in every lyric as they jive into the beat. Plus, both of them are talented!

Dave Acdol

The limitless imagination of Dave Acdol made him one of the best scale model creators in the city. He turned scrap into art. He showcased his masterpieces at the event. People were amazed as Dave told them how he was able to build such fine work. He used shower cables and pvcs. It normally takes him few weeks to finish one model because he is meticulous with the details of his art. He said that, if you want something, do it. No matter how hard you think it may be, just do it. Eventually, you’ll figure it all out and you will be happy on what you have accomplished.

Carm Novilla

One of the most inspiring and passionate people I know is our 5th speaker, Carm Novilla. She told us her journey in finding her life’s purpose and passion. She traveled and traveled, joined different groups but she always find her way back to the sea. She is an advocate of the conservation of our natural resources. 

Erly Sol Gadong

Our last speaker, a math teacher and Palanca Awardee Erly Sol Gadong gained standing ovation when she finished her presentation with a poetry relating to math, relationships, feelings and social issues. It was amazing how she connected everything using different math problems. Brilliant! A great way to end the presentation. People were cheering and wowed everytime the image changes. 

The organizers thanked everyone for joining the PechaKucha Night Volume 3 and hoped to have more crowd on the next event in 2019. Like the facebook page to get updated PechaKucha.

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