Catriona Gray is Miss Universe 2018

I just want to say how grateful I am seeing a lot of inspiring people today via live coverage. Each woman who joined the Ms Universe pageant had a story to tell. They suffered, they saw suffering, everyone has ambition, everyone wants to be happy. Everyone is going through different kind of life shits. They are in their own chaos, they understood the problem and everyone is trying to bring change in the society.

I never liked Ms. Universe. I have thought of it as a waste of time. But, I was young back then. I was dumb and insecure. Took me years to realize that these events could bring change. Your little moment on that stage could spark one’s dreams. It could empower any person watching in the world to pursue what they really like or motivate them to keep going. We all have our differences. We have issues. We have thoughts that are too delicate to be heard and we’re too scared to say it. But knowing that there are other people going through this phase, changes your outlook in life.

It will also inspire you to know more. Explore more, be more for yourself, for something you want to be. It is amazing how these few hours of bingeing could create an enormous impact in the world. They are changing the world.

The society’s behavior is changing. We are making a difference gram by gram. And yes, you continue what you are working on.

Photo from Miss Universe official facebook page.

Like Catriona, beyond beauty and intelligence, KINDNESS and GENUINENESS can light up the world to empower everyone to go, make the change, be the change. Elevate the society’s behavior to a more compassionate and intelligent people.

Oh God! The world amazes me so much I want to visit every country on each continent! Adventure waits!!!! Life and all the goodness its days can offer.

Congratulations to everyone!!!!

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