I am Donna Mercine, a native of Guimaras Island, currently residing in Iloilo City. A part time traveler who hopes to be a full time nomad with a laptop. A free-spirited dreamer, strong willed lass who wants to see the other side of the world, experience different cultures, breathe new air, learn languages, impart my knowledge and experiences to people I may encounter.
The name rollingfeetwanders was coined out of my thoughts in the morning. I roll on the bed for hours– thinking, visioning. Feet, I love to walk to wander. It also transcends a message that my thoughts and dreams often wander to different places.
I travel to be inspired by stories from fellow travelers. To bum to every shoreline, to go deeper into the sea, to hike to the ends of the earth and explore the unknown. The journey into knowing one’s self and extending the limit of how far you can go and how your mind can take every situation being away from your comfort zone. It is when you stay in a place, on the ground, you eat where they eat, you talk to locals, you commute, you roam around their usual places, you go to the market, you try what they do and listen to what they say. You will learn, you will understand, you will have bits of happiness.
This is life and it is all written! ✍️📷

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